We started a church!


What a church means is different for everyone. If you take the early historical meaning of a witnessing community that follows Christ, then yea… we started a church. If you take on more of the modern understanding which is a group of people that meets weekly with a preacher, worship team, sunday school and the works, then yea… we aren’t quite there yet.

We started!

Our launch was pretty awesome. You can see pictures here. The lead up was also pretty insane. I spent most of the weekend in a hospital with a family member. Two other volunteers were in a car accident. Another had his car wrecked and when we all got together at my house a few hours before the launch, it was evident that wasn’t the only craziness that happened. Everyone had a story to tell.

I could only smile at that moment. That was really when it hit me. We started a church! That meant ish was about to get real. Or honestly, already did.

I am ready for the adventure. Long nights, hard conversations, disappointment, joy, storytelling, new friends, deeper friendships, and the works. There’s one thing I always wanted since I was a kid and it was this. Pastoring and leading people who are searching for God or willing to share Him with others. That’s what it is all about.

Pray for us. It’s going to be such an amazing ride. But the hardship is going to be right there with it.

Join us. We want to share our lives with others. No more lone wolves in NYC. Our dinner tables need to be full, whether you consider yourself a Christian or not. I cannot help but sense something is being formed that is beyond me and anyone on our team. It’s exciting. It randomly keeps me up at night; smiling and praying. Sometimes just anxious.

Two nights ago we had our second dinner party. (If you forgot what that was, you can read about it here). Tomorrow we have our second gathering. In September we will have our first service. Sometimes it doesn’t feel real. Sometimes it’s all too real. But in the end, I am most excited for the picture I hold close in my heart: people worshiping, sharing meals, spreading the good news, and being a part of creating the city that is to come.

Big shout out to the people that made it happen so far:

Also, a huge shout out to those who have come, helped out, reached out, or supported. So thankful for everyone!

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