Our Church Won’t Be Perfect


This has been the hardest post to write. I knew what I wanted to say, but not how to say it. And I still don’t think I said it quite right.

I’m scared. Maybe anxious is a better word. Some days I find myself in tears, overwhelmed by the support of others, but mostly by the grace of God. Leading a church is a huge responsibility, and who am I to do it?

I know all the reasons why I shouldn’t and they come to haunt me daily. I am not the perfect guy and we won’t be the perfect church.

I’ve been to more trainings than I can count on starting a church. Had more conversations than you probably thought were possible. And at the end of the day I am left with a lot of great information, practical ways forward and one underlying truth: we are going to mess this up.

Our follow-up game may not be where it should be. The launch party details may not get ironed out like they should have. I may miss saying hi to someone that decides never to come back because of it. The list goes on.

So why start a church, then? Well… who is perfect? There was only one. And the story of how He has helped me overcome my haunting past, given me hope for my future, and continually renews my present pushes me forward.

I need to tell His story. There is no way I can go through life without giving others the chance to experience what I have. That need deepens when I think about doing it in the place I love most: Brooklyn.

So even though we are going to fail at some things, those failures will be worth it for the successes we have. And upfront, I ask those who come and join us next week to have a forgiving heart towards me. I’m flawed. I pray our church is filled with flawed people who learn to love each other in those flaws just as God loves us in spite of them.

True community comes after the chaos of realizing how much we don’t like each others’ views, habits, and quirks, but still choose to commit to love. As we gather next week, I hope God can help us see past critiques of how cool the event is (and it will be cool!), and instead look to see what new life He will bring through new friendships, song, and His vision for our great city.

At the end of the day I am comforted in what Jesus said: “I will build my church.” Whatever part I play in that great story will leave me satisfied.

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