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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY there is no place in the world I love more than NYC. I tried the suburb life for a year when I was 18 and it didn’t work out. My life has been a mix of ministry and business. I’m a Pastor’s kid so I started ministry young and just never stopped. I decided to Pastor in my home church for 5 years in various roles. Now I’m pumped about planting a church in the neighborhood I grew up in: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I always had a fascination with business though, so that led me to get my degree in Corporate Finance and start a business right out of college. I am really grateful for how that has grown and allowed me to do ministry with keeping my feet in both worlds. In the midst of all that I married a beautiful woman, Heather, and now have one son and one on the way. Some more specifics about me below!


Ministry life has been fun. I started leading when I was 16 in the Youth Ministry and Sound Ministry at my church but really got my feet wet in college with InterVarsity. As a Sophomore I was elected president of our chapter in Baurch College. By God’s grace, our chapter grew tremendously, won awards from student government, and reached thousands of students that year. Once my term was up I was asked to become the Youth Pastor at my local church. Three years in I took a small break from ministry then served as the Pastor at Resurrection Church in Sunset Park, Brooklyn for two years. God brought new life and growth to the congregation and allowed me to work with some incredible people. Currently I serve on the leadership team of Urban Kingdom Youth Ministries and can’t wait to plant a church in the summer of 2016!


After I graduated from college I started a marketing company to help churches, non-profits, and businesses reach a greater audience in the world of changing digital media. Ever since I was a kid I knew I wanted to start a business and it seemed like no better time when I was single, had no kids, and didn’t have a lot of bills to pay. That setup didn’t last long so it was a good thing we got up and running quick. I became the youngest chapter president of my local BNI business group in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and saw all my chapter records broken. As my favorite shirt says, “I Know Websites Won’t Change the World. But They Damn Sure Make it Look Better.”

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Heather and I have an awesome story. We got married young (Heather was 20 and I was 23) and now we have a boy and one boy on the way. Judah Hunter Mattera looks like his mom and acts like me. So basically he is crazy and Heather gets to stay home with his craziness all day. She’s the best! You can actually get a better glimpse into our story since I proposed to her via youtube video (so millennial of me I know).

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