Heirs to a Promise


Read the scripture here: Galatians 3:15 – 4:7

One big question you may be having after reading the past few devotionals is: why the law? It seems to be the root of all our issues. And if it wasn’t perfect, why have it?

Paul breaks that down for us here. The law was needed as a guide. Just as a kid needs a tutor, so we needed something to keep us in line before the fullness of God’s restorative plan came into place.


Even today, the law helps us understand God’s holiness and character. The moral law still stands as a guide into the righteousness of God. But, Paul brings in a big point here.

Abraham’s promise of inheritance from God came way before the law. Paul argues that the promise God made with Abraham supersedes any blessings or curses placed on people by the law. And not only that, but also that we are heirs with Abraham to this promise of eternal life with the Father.

We are no longer looked at as just people. We are now seen as adopted first born sons (men and women) of God. We are not our ethnicity (Jew or Greek), our gender (male or female) or our class (slave or free)!

The promise came before the law. Remember that. Lean on it. Worship God for it. It means that like Abraham, we have an inheritance with the Father. Through Christ, we are seen as the offspring of God. The law, sin, death – they do not have the power to overturn the promise of God.


Do you have a Fatherly relationship with God? Why or why not?
Why does God not care about class, race, or gender when we go to Him?
What was the purpose of the law?


Father, thank you for adopting me into Your family.
No one wants to adopt a troubled kid, but You have taken me in.
You have looked past my failures, my exterior, and my worldly labels.
I praise Your name!
Give me the grace to become more like You.


Here is a song that has been on repeat this week! Hope you enjoy.

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  • Joyce Mattera says:

    Wonderful compact message. Sometimes it’s easy to write much but the more difficult task is to write something of substance and comprehensive in few words. You do it well Justin!

  • Isom Chapelle says:

    This has been a good series to read J. And like Mrs. Mattera said, it’s brevity is a huge plus. Not bc I don’t want to read more, but because you say enough in just a few paragraphs. Stay strong and please let us know how we can continue to support you all.

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