Paul Defines the Gospel


Last week we read about how adamantly Paul was defending the Gospel. This week we see how Paul actually defines it.

Read the scripture here: Galatians 2:15 – 2:21

Here it is! This is what Paul was defending in the last portion. We are saved by faith and faith alone. What does that even mean? It means we could follow all the rules but we would never be perfect. To some of us that may be a downer. We want perfection in everything, even ourselves. And when we mess up, we shame ourselves for days, maybe more. When we do well, we feel well. But the reality check is this: we will never be perfect.

For most of us that is a relief. It is for me. I tried being perfect. It doesn’t work. When I read these verses I feel free. God knows we cannot be perfect so he came up with a solution. It’s called the good news.  The gospel. It’s this: our salvation does not hinge on our ability to follow rules, but our ability to believe in Christ.

Belief. That I can do.

The people Paul was fighting said you need belief AND rule following for God to save you. Paul needed to make it clear. It’s belief + nothing that equals salvation. When you start adding things you start walking away from the true Gospel. As Paul says, if we start to think we can save ourselves through being good, then Christ died for no reason. His death was an acknowledgment that we couldn’t do it, so He did.


How have you tried to save yourself?
Were there times you felt more saved because you acted good?
What is the true gospel?


Father, thank you for not giving me a task I could never accomplish.
Thank you for looking past my failures and loving me anyway.
Allow me to remember the good news daily. That it would never get old or lose it’s worth in my heart.
I pray that I do not keep this news to myself, but that I would share with others what you have done.

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